Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park

The biological hotspot between Celts and Romans.

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The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park extends over an area of 10,000 hectares over the Hunsrück highlands. The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation already counts the area as a "hotspot region for biological diversity". Rustic forests and a species-rich flora and fauna characterize the picture.

A low mountain range with almost endless forest areas characterizes the landscape and separates it from the surrounding, well-known wine-growing regions, the Moselle, the Rhine, the Nahe and the Saar.

Hotel Restaurant 2tHEIMAT

The partner initiative of the national park

As a national park partner from the very beginning, we have been closely linked to the national park and its tourism development from the very beginning. It is very important to us that our guests get to know the national park and work with us to further promote sustainable tourism in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Germany. As a national park partner, we meet high quality standards and are demonstrably committed to more regionality and sustainability.

Would you like some examples?

  • Most of our purchases are from regional producers who produce the best Hunsrück products, often even in organic quality
  • We avoid long delivery routes and produce many things ourselves
  • No convenience products are used in our restaurant. What you see on our plates, we have prepared and made everything ourselves.
  • We reduce the amount of waste by, for example, avoiding small packaging at breakfast. In addition, we separate all waste in order to achieve a maximum recycling rate
  • We generate a large part of our electricity requirements in an environmentally friendly way via our photovoltaic system on the hotel roof
  • All the lighting in our house has been switched to economical LEDs. We also work with motion detectors wherever possible to avoid unnecessary power consumption
  • Every day we come up with new points that we can further optimize in order to enable every guest to enjoy sustainable tourism of the highest quality...

Du willst mehr über den Nationalpark erfahren?

Du findest in unserem Haus viele Informationen rund um den Nationalpark. Gerne stehen wir dir auch persönlich mit Rat und Tat zur Seite!

Ein besonderes Erlebnis bietet dir die Nationalpark-App! Dein digitaler Begleiter rund um die Angebote des Nationalparks. 

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