Hotel Restaurant 2tHEIMAT

Celebrations & meetings

Are you planning a family or company party, a funeral coffee or would you like to hold a meeting? Then you've come to the right place!

Highest Quality

Our new event and conference room gives you the opportunity to meet or celebrate in style in the middle of the Hunsrück and at the gates of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, in the usual high quality of the 2tHeimat.

Of course, our winter garden or our restaurant are still available for celebrations where no conference technology is required.

Quickly accessible

Easily accessible from the Cologne-Bonn area, the Rhine-Main area, Luxembourg or the Saarland, our conference hotel in Morbach in the Hunsrück is in the immediate vicinity of the Moselle - quiet, surrounded by nature and very stylishly designed. Our new event room is approx. 62 square meters, offers plenty of daylight, is accessible at ground level and barrier-free and is equipped with modern and professional conference technology (e.g. interactive whiteboard). Every conference is guaranteed to be a success.

What rooms do we have and how much space do they offer?

Our newly renovated, modern rooms for celebrations of all kinds offer space for up to 25 people (conservatory) or up to 35 people (restaurant), depending on the seating. Both rooms can also be combined to offer space for up to 60 people.

In addition, our new event room offers space for up to 30 people and is equipped with modern conference technology.

What can you expect from our kitchen?

Our kitchen with our head chef Simon Armbruster, who has 15 years of experience as a chef in various star restaurants in Germany and abroad, will be happy to make suggestions for your celebration. Our cuisine is characterized by regional and seasonal influences. It is our aim to buy all the products we use that we find in the appropriate quality regionally and without long transport routes.